About Us

We strive to make the right connections; with our customers, our neighbors, and the Earth. As a young enterprise, we approach this by asking, “how do we grow with our community?” Our answer is, we remember where we came from and why we started our venture. Today, food scraps are treated like waste, and thrown in with trash. We know most people wish there was a better option, an easier option, but resources are often not found where they are needed. We aim to change that, because we believe empowering communities to manage their organic resources is the right connection to make, and what we can bring to the table.

Food scraps have value. When handled correctly, they make a nutrient rich soil additive, with so many benefits, some call it magical. Earth Appliance Organics developed simple solutions for composting in dense urban settings. By providing low-cost locally-focused collections such as the Mobile Organics HotSpot® and Community Compost Depots, that keep all organic resources close to home, where it’s needed, we are normalizing neighborhood based composting the way the local community wants. 

In Spring of 2013, we started our compost program, in the backyard at Frey Gardens, and in 2018, we registered our site as the first compost facility in Providence, the Community Compost Depot at Frey Gardens. Spring 2019, we roll out our first product, Earth Appliance Organics® Premium Compost. This is a nutrient dense vermicompost (composting using earthworms) that’s been the powerhouse of our garden for six years.

The Community Compost Depot at Frey Gardens and Earth Appliance Organics are located in the historic Smith Hill district of Providence, Rhode Island, a dense area of the City. We are on the same grounds as Frey Florist and Greenhouse (where we are proud to say our Premium Compost is for sale), the longest running florist shop in Providence. This is our sixth year in operation. Having composted over 200,000 pounds of food scraps and leaves in that time, we hope this proves the viability and meaningful impact of local composting. With a little luck, from here, we can connect to anywhere in our City and beyond. Once the local community has the resources it needs, it is empowered to grow, and we will grow with our community and the environment.