Premium Compost

Not all compost is alike. There are many inputs to make compost. Depending on the source and types of materials, the levels of nutrients and potential contaminants can vary, as will the quality and its benefits. Backyard compost, while great on quality of materials input, may suffer from disease transfer, and weed seeds, as well as low nutrient and mineral content because of limits to size and what can be composted at home. Large commercial facilities are hot enough to kill diseases, weed seeds and cook items, such as meat, restricted from a backyard composter, but quality control can vary greatly. Larger facilities and in particular biodigesters, have increased risk of potential contaminants, usually in the form of plastics, and synthetic chemical products, as well as heavy metals.

Earth Appliance Organics combines the best of the backyard, where exceptional quality control is possible, with the flexibility of a large facility, by running all year round, and taking all types of food scraps. By designing our system this way we are allowing for a richer compost and a simpler way to handle the food scraps we generate.

We started with our own scraps, and our close neighbors. Just a few, while we got used to the increased feedstock. We worked the design and method until we could maintain a hot composting pile, all year round. We tweaked our recipes and practices to accelerate the heat cycle, capture and retain all the nutrients available from our starting materials, and serve more of the community. We think it’s cleaver, and it’s as effective as any accelerated system we’ve seen for thousands (and thousands) of dollars more.

We treat our compost much like a hobbyist might care for a terrarium. The compost system is alive with an abundance of creatures, and responsive to how we manage this dynamic environment. We feel more like an environmental steward than a manufacturing operation. But we are serious about what we produce, and take pride in making a consistent product with high nutrient content and equal to any premium product on the market, all at the scale of the neighborhood.

We’re thrilled to launch our first product, Earth Appliance Organics® Premium Compost. This is a vermicompost that is made in two stages, first heated through its own microbial action to kill weed seed and disease, and then fed to a variety of earthworms and aged sufficiently to make our signature product. Sifted through a 1/4 inch screen, our product is fine enough for any potting soil blend, direct soil application, automated applicator or compost tea production.